Ella Bing Being Carried in New Locations


Ella Bing is proud to announce two new locations to find our awesome bow ties and men's accessories

Ella Bing has partnered with two new stores in the Tampa Bay area. The first being Black and Denim in Ybor City. Based around the idea of 100% American Made products and to conserve the essence of the history of American craftsmanship. 

The second store is High Cotton Living in Hyde Park, South Tampa. A true Southern Charm store, hosting a plethora of traditional southern goods and brands. 

Ella Bing is very excited to now be carried in both stores, where you can find both our wood bow ties and cloth and lapel flowers. 


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966 reviews
A great place to find unique merchandise

Online service is done with finesse.

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Great products and professional service. Ella Bing has unique items at reasonable prices. A great experience.

Purple Necktie No. 326
Luis Laracuente

Great service and quality tie! Will be coming back soon!

Great store.