Ella Bing Bow Ties Releases Three Limited Edition Wooden Bow Ties


New bow ties!!!

The Herschel Hogan wood bow tie  is handcrafted from black and white ebony and paired with  a black and white checked silk knot.  It is truly an extraordinary, stupendous, bodacious, freaking sweet wooden bow tie.

The Jim Dandy Wooden Bow Tie is handmade from a Jim Beam Whisky Barrel, yeah we know that is pretty freaking awesome. The sweet aroma attracts bees when carving this wooden bow tie. The back side, still shows the charred barrel lining. It is complimented with a madras knot.  


The Max Mac Wooden Bow Tie is a handcrafted from desert ironwood. This tie is sought after for its decorative wood, specifically known for its handsomeness. It is paired with a sweet madras knot.


Each and every premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie is completely unique and  NOT mass produced. Limited quantities available at EllaBing.com along with a wide variety of cloth bow ties, wooden tie clips, lapel flowers, pocket squares, women’s headbands, and many more wood bow ties.


Check 'em out and have a happy Friday! 

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A great place to find unique merchandise

Online service is done with finesse.

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Great products and professional service. Ella Bing has unique items at reasonable prices. A great experience.

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Luis Laracuente

Great service and quality tie! Will be coming back soon!

Great store.