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How To Make a Coronavirus Face Mask & Where to Buy one 

We are proud to share the most effective way to make a face mask to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus. These face masks are not as effective as N95 face masks and are for your safety in the general public. These face masks are for personal use, per the CDC guidelines, to wear a protective barrier when going in public and especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

Per the CDC, using a cloth face masks slows the spread of the virus. You can use cloth, household items to create your own face mask. These additional voluntary public measures are advised to support our community and loved ones to help flatten the curve.

We also know that a large portion of people with the virus do not show symptoms (asymptomatic) and that even when someone develops symptoms (pre-symptomatic) they can infect others before the symptoms show.

If you would like to buy a coronavirus face mask, you can purchase one here.

Who Should Wear Cloth Face Masks? 

- Grocery store employees
- Convenience store workers
- Pharmacy store workers
- Law enforcement
- And anyone who plans to be in public with a high-volume of people (ie, grocery stores, pharmacies)

Where to buy Face Masks

How Is Covid Spread?

How the respiratory disease is spread:

- When people are in close contact, or less than 6 feet, from one another.
- When respiratory droplets from an infected person are ingested, mostly from coughs, sneezes or when speaking.
- Droplets from infected individuals can land in the mouths or noses of people nearby and potentially inhaled into the lungs.
- The virus may be spread by people who are asymptomatic

Tutorial To Make a Cloth Face Mask

How to make a face mask

Jump to a section by clicking the timestamp link if you’ve already started to make your own face mask.

0:13 - How To Cut Your Fabric & Size Needed
0:22 - How To Leave Space For A Mask Filter
0:36 - How To Cut The Elastic
0:58 - How To Sew Your Fabric Face Mask
1:04 - Adding Pleats To Your Face Mask
1:20 - How To Place Pins In Your Fabric Face Mask
1:45 - How To Sew Your Pleats

Where Do I Buy a Mask?

Buy a mask from The Ella Bing Haberdashery! We are selling each face mask for $10. A portion of your payment goes toward paying our seamstresses who are helping meet our high demand. We also use a portion of the payment to buy more face mask supplies.

Where to buy Face Masks

FAQs About Masks Purchased From The Ella Bing Haberdashery

Wearing a protective mask will help prevent the spread of this novel virus. We at The Ella Bing Haberdashery believe it is vital for anyone who plans to go in public to wear these masks to help flatten the curve.

These cloth face masks are not medical-grade N95 face masks so it is recommended to limit your exposure with other people until the pandemic ends, even while wearing these cloth masks. If you need to leave your home for an essential activity, use a cloth face mask to minimize your chances of getting sick.

Adding a Filter To A Mask

The most important thing to note is that any filter you choose to apply must still allow you to breathe normally. If you have respiratory issues or add a thick filter preventing you from breathing, this is more dangerous and not advisable.

The masks we provide, including in the tutorial video, have a pocket to add a filter of your choice.

- Filters that are easiest to breathe through: blue shop towel, HVAC filters, furnace filters, baby wipe, felt, dryer sheet, paper towels.*
- Filters that are not as easy to breathe through: vacuum cleaner bag, sanitary napkin, quilt batting, interfacing, coffee filters.*

*There is very little research about the efficacy of using these filters to prevent the coronavirus from going through a mask. We advise you use common sense and first make sure you can breathe normally when wearing a mask, with or without a filter.

Should I wear a mask if I’m taking care of someone who may have COVID-19?

There are practical steps you can take if you’re taking care of someone at home with coronavirus. This includes surgical masks, gloves, and cleaning.

- Isolate them in a “sick room” away from general living spaces, with a separate bathroom, if possible.
- Isolate them from other family members or pets to limit exposure to others.
- Provide a mask for them to wear (including surgical masks) they can wear if they’re around others.
- Use gloves you can dispose of if you’re handling their used laundry. Wash your hands and forearms immediately after.
- Clean your hands, face, and mouth frequently after interacting with them.
- Routinely clean high-touch surfaces daily like countertops, doorknobs, closet handles, toilets, etc.

Where to buy Face Masks

Reusable Face Masks Made In Tampa Bay

The Ella Bing Haberdashery is located in Tampa, FL. We have seamstresses across the Tampa Bay Area creating masks for the high demand. If you are proficient with a sewing machine, we are looking for more help to fulfill our orders. We will provide you the supplies needed to create the masks. Please contact Brent at if you want to help us!

Where to buy face masks
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